Homie Stack

March 31, 2020

List of all my technologies, hardware, etc



  • Macbook Pro 2017


  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970
  • Monitor: LG Flatron W2253v
  • Keyboard: Trust 16601-02

Editor + Terminal

  • VS Code (theme: Dark+)
  • Postico
  • Google Docs
  • Oh my ZSH
  • [MAC only] Iterm2
  • [MAC only] Run gist to install

Desktop Apps

  • Notion
  • Spotify
  • Google Drive
  • Keybase


  • [Personal] Firefox
  • [Work] Chrome

Jos� Cabeda Profile Image

Hi there! I'm José Cabeda, a software developer writing a line of code at a time (when not travelling or reading some science fiction book) Contact on Linkedin